Food delivery in Saint Petersburg

Sets - Better Than Flowers
Better Than Flowers
Philadelphia Roll, Kamakura Roll, Akita Roll, Hofu Roll, Ebino Roll, Rio Roll.
1550 gr.
1474 ₽
Save 175 ₽
Combos - Total Football
Total Football
Dostapizza, United Pizza, Super Cheesy Pizza.
2180 gr.
1747 ₽
Save 298 ₽
Traditional crust - Dostapizza
Yeast dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, oregano.
720 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 227 kcal,
proteins 12.97 gr., fats 12.6 gr., carbs 14.74 gr.
Burgers - Ballon d'Or Burger
Ballon d'Or Burger
Football hamburger bun, hamburger sauce, cheddar, beef patty, fresh tomato, pickles, jalapeño, red onion, iceberg lettuce, liquid smoke, barbecue sauce.
340 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 197 kcal,
proteins 6.9 gr., fats 8.71 gr., carbs 21.94 gr.
Kids - Sweet Fiesta Pizza
Sweet Fiesta Pizza
Yeast dough, condensed milk, blueberries, canned pineapple, raspberry syrup.
540 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 228 kcal,
proteins 5.29 gr., fats 4.03 gr., carbs 42.8 gr.
Burgers - Double Black Burger
Double Black Burger
Black hamburger bun, beef, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, cheddar, tomatoes, pickles, red onion, bacon, iceberg lettuce, barbecue sauce.
400 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 387 kcal,
proteins 14.6 gr., fats 18.9 gr., carbs 39.6 gr.
Salads - Greek Salad
Greek Salad
Fresh cucumber, fresh tomatoes, Napa cabbage, olives, bell pepper, bryndza cheese, red onion, olive oil, salt.
170 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 113 kcal,
proteins 4.5 gr., fats 9.2 gr., carbs 3.1 gr.
Traditional crust - Munich Pizza
Munich Pizza
Yeast dough, mozzarella, red onion, mushrooms, pepperoni, ham, bacon, chicken fillet, tomatoes, emmentaler, dill, tomato sauce, ground black pepper.
785 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 251 kcal,
proteins 11.4 gr., fats 13.9 gr., carbs 20.2 gr.
Rolls - Philadelphia Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Rice, water, sugar, rice vinegar, salt, kombu, salmon fillet, cucumber, Cremette cream cheese, nori.
280 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 171 kcal,
proteins 3.1 gr., fats 3.4 gr., carbs 32.1 gr.
Combos - The Big Pizzowski
The Big Pizzowski
Thin Crust Margherita Pizza, Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza, Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza, Thin Crust Amsterdam Pizza, Thin Crust Santa Barbara Pizza, Thin Crust Four Cheese Pizza.
2445 gr.
2442 ₽
Save 743 ₽
Sets - Philly-maniac
Philadelphia Roll, Eel Philadelphia Roll, Baked Philadelphia Roll, Caramel Philadelphia Roll
1110 gr.
Rolls - American Roll
American Roll
Rice, water, sugar, rice vinegar, salt, kombu, tiger shrimp, salmon fillet, eel fillet, Cremette cream cheese, masago, nori, egg, breadcrumbs.
250 gr.
Energy value (100 gr.): 152 kcal,
proteins 3.8 gr., fats 2.9 gr., carbs 27.8 gr.


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